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Chengdu Vista CNC Manufacture Co., Ltd.
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High-speed Beam Drilling Machine
Description Of High-speed Beam Drilling Machine
Product Name:  High-speed Beam Drilling Machine
Model Number:  BDMH1260
Brand Name:  VISTA
Place of Origin:  China
     1.The whole machine is optimized integrated design, with high quality casting machine body and drilling units, which ensure high stability and high rigidity when high speed drilling.
     2.Used high-speed precision spindle from Taiwan''s well-known brand, model BT, which can meet the using demand of both hard alloy and high-speed steel drill. Every CNC axes are guided by the heavy loading roller linear guide, driven by the servo motor and roller screw which ensure the rigidity and positional accuracyCNC High-Speed 3D Drilling Machine.
     3.With the trolley conveyor system and surface detector which realize the accurate positioning, ensure the processing precision.
     4.Installed 3 inline type tool magazine, which realize the automatic tool change, also meet the demand of drilling multiple diameter''s hole. Oil spray and air spray cooling, has inner cooling and outer cooling efficacy.
     5.The electrical control system is the Schneider CANMOTION, CANOPEN bus control system. Strong anti-interference, high precision, because of the digital communication, thus overcome the defect of easy be interference in traditional pulse analog transmission.
     6.In order to ensure the accuracy, reliability and stability of transmission system, electrical system, hydraulic system, all the key components are from international famous brand.
Contact Information
Company Name: Chengdu Vista CNC Manufacture Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Mr. Vista CNC
Address: No.298 Wenjia Road, Qingyang District,Chengdu,Sichuan,China.
Zip: 610091
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