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Jinmuyu Electronics Co., Ltd.
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13.56mhz RFID Embedded Reader Modules-JMY5041
Description Of 13.56mhz RFID Embedded Reader Modules-JMY5041
Product Name:  13.56mhz RFID Embedded Reader Modules-JMY5041
Model Number:  JMY5041
Brand Name:  JMY5041
Place of Origin:  China
    JMY5041 is the second generation product based on JMY504 with UART and IIC serial port.JMY5041 has various functions and supports multi ISO/IEC standard of contactless card. The RFprotocol is complex. The designer combined some frequent used command of RF card and then usercould operate the cards with full function by sending simple command to the module.
     The impedance between RF module and antenna was tuned by impedance analyzer. And then the module has excellent performance and stability.
     The module and antenna is split design. 4 wires are linked the antenna and module. Normally the wire should be less than 200mm, or it will affect the modules performance and stability.
     • PCD model: NXP CV520 PN512
     • Working frequency: 13.56MHz
     • Anti collision ability: Full function anti collision; be able to process multi-cards; be able to set operate single card only.
     • Auto detecting card: Supported, default OFF. The default state can be set.
     • Power supply: DC 5V (0.5V)
     • Interface: IIC & UART (selected by SPS pin, recommend to use IIC)
     • Communication rate:
     IIC: Max.200Kbps
     UART: 19200bps / 9600bps / 38400bps / 57600bps / 115200bps
     • Max.command length:
     JCP02 252 Bytes;
     JCP03 510 Bytes;
     JCP04 253 Bytes;
     JCP05 510 Bytes;
     • Interface level: 3.3V (TTL level; 5V tolerance)
     • Power consumption: 50mA
     • Operating distance: 100mm (depending on card and antenna design)
     • Dimension: 21 mm*42mm
     • Weight: About 15g
     • Operating temperature: -25 ~ +85 (-77 ~ +185F)
     • Storage temperature: -40 ~ +125 (-104 ~ +257F)
     • ISP: Supported
     • RoHS: Compliant
Contact Information
Company Name: Jinmuyu Electronics Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Ms. marina yin
Address: Room 132, Building 16, Tianqiaowan,Beijing,Beijing,China.
Zip: 101100
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