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Hangzhou Denice Machinery Co.,Ltd
  Plastic Machiner...
About Us
    Hangzhou DENICE Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the most professional manufacturers of vertical injection molding machines in China.
     The company specializes in the production of high quality and high precision vertical injection molding machines that the clamping force is from 15 tons - 650 tons, and the injection volume is from 35 grams, 8000 grams. We have standard series machine, single slide plate series, double slide plate series and rotary table series injection molding machine. In addition, to improve the work efficiency and to the different needs of customers in different industry, we have special offer special machine with industry characteristics, such as: Special machines for golf, High-speed & high pressure plastic injection machines, J series energy-saving plastic injection machines, Liquid silicon rubber plastic injection machines(LSR), BMC, Bakelite injection molding machines, bi-color (multicolor) injection molding machines, APC series full automatic belt molding machines, and so on.
     Our products are widely used in automobile manufacturing, medical equipment industry, cosmetics industry, cutting tools, sanitary ware, furniture, toys, daily necessities, baby supplies, electronic connectors, optical lenses, back plate, watch movement gears, soles, color plate, hose and hard tube, and so on.
     Uphold the quality first, service customers, innovation management concept, our company continues to improve ourselves, constantly improve the quality of service, and create best value for our customers.
Contact Information
Company Name: Hangzhou Denice Machinery Co.,Ltd
Contact Person: Mr. Sunny Xu
Address: Shangguan Xiang Special Industrial Zone,Fuyang District,Hangzhou,Zhejiang,China.
Zip: 10041
Web Site:
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