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About Us
    Founded in 1997, SUNLONG''s predecessor was a factory specialized in manufacturing garments.
     In 2015, SUNLONG set up the international business Department in Hong Kong and started its own export & import business, and kept the garments production base in mainland China. Our design department also was set up in the same year.
     We have produced large quantities of specialized garments: Hunting & Outdoor wear, Working & Uniform wear, Fashion & Leisure wear and Hats, Bags & Accessories. We understand the technical specifications of related products in many countries, including EN20471, EN343, EN1149、EN14116 and ETC.
     Our insight on US or EU standards regard fabrics and work clothes has enabled us to provide professional suggestions on product design, selection of raw materials and workmanship.
     Regular learning & training on relevant standards is included in the work we must do.
     We also have own testing room  in factory to guarantee material and production quality.
     In total, we have 300 sets of various machines and about 300-400 workers. The monthly production of Basic Type catsuits can reach 50,000-100,000 pieces while the monthly production of jackets can reach 25,000-40,000 pieces.
     The majority of our workforce is local workers with more than ten years of experience. Most of the workers have social security and medical insurance. We are the most stable team across our region with a pool of highly experienced and skilled workers.
     The main sewing machine at our factory is JUKI; Lockstitch Buttonholing Machine is JUKI LBH-781; Feed-off-the-arm, Double Chainstitch Machine JUKI MS-1261M; Bartacking Machine is JUKI LK-1900A; three-yarn overlock sewing machine is PEGASUS M852-17; four-yarn overlock sewing machine is PEGASUS M852-13H; five-yarn overlock sewing machine is PEGASUS M800; We also have 8-needle sewing machine, and other specialized machines etc. In addition, we have dozens of computerized sticking machines.
     In the minds of our customers, the price of our product is the cheapest among all other similar products. Pricing discipline is the principle we still hold fast to. We will not increase the offered price for our customer just because one product is very marketable during one period of time. We have a very strict quotation mechanism which takes into consideration of the actual production cost of different garments of different complexities plus gross profit rate based on strict financial & auditing models. Due to our lean cost control measures during each process, we now have a big advantage on price compared with our peers who make similar products.
Contact Information
Contact Person: Mr. Sophy Wang
Address: Room 101, Building 12, LinYinDaYuan, No.366 Taihua Street,Shijiazhuang,Hebei,China.
Zip: 050071
Web Site:
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