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Ningbo Aux Import and Export Co., Ltd.
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About Us
    Relying on Human Resources and Managing by Trust have been the Corporate Spirit of Ningbo AUX Group . Ningbo AUX Group has made great strides in Electrical Meters and Household Appliances after 13 years research and development. At present it is one of the biggest giants in manufacturing electrical power and a household appliance, with USD3.5 Billion in assets, more than ten thousand staff currently engaged in building a National Post Doctoral Workstation and is also a National Key High Tech Enterprise. .
     AUX has a high level of plant utilization and can produce 25million electrical meters, 3.5million air conditioners, 3.2million KVA transformers and 30 million cellular phones annually In electrical meter industry it ranks the first one in the world, winning the first in domestic market in consecutive 8 years, with market share of over 30% in the same field. Aux air conditioner, one of the leading products of AUX Group, is a leading brand
     in Chinese air conditioner industry. In 2002, AUX air conditioner ranked the third one in domestic market, in 2003, the sales volume was up to 2.5 million units The reason why AUX could keep a rapid, stable and efficient development for 13 years is its corporate spirit. Relying on Human Resources and Managing by Trust, AUX never stops questing for perfecting the corporate culture. It keeps pace with time, keeps transcending itself, encouraging innovation under the vision of Relying on human resources and Managing by trust, "Efficiency centered, economic returns acting as principle,
     supplemented with flexibility based on reason" "Combine rigor together with openness" finally efficiency emphasized. AUX sums above up three sentences as its corporation core, "Principle of economic returns" "Principle of flexibility subjecting to reason" "Efficiency centered".AUX Group has diversified many industries such as Automobile (car manufacturing), new material and high tech electronics, SUV and Pika which were put into production in 2003. Meanwhile, it set the 3558 strategy, which indicates the sales volume of air conditioner is 5million within 3 years, 7million within 5 years; of mobile phone reaching 30million in 5 years, 70 million in 8 years.
     In capital process aspect, AUX Group will own three companies in the coming 3 years which could come into market. One is A and another is H, annexing one company. By purchasing and recombining, it is enlarging itself into more competitive fields.
     In globalization processing, in the future AUX's objective is to fulfill 300 million us dollars in overseas market, to set up 30 overseas offices, 3 buildings area abroad and attract more than 50 salesmen.To fulfill all the plans, AUX invests at least one billion per year in measures and bettering machines, 30 million in implement in human resources in order that the sale and profit rate increase over 50% and 10% annually respectively.
     Meanwhile, AUX GROUP is prompting to complete the 2 square kilometers Aux High-tech Zone. In the following 5 years, it will invest RMB three billion to build 150 square meters modern High-tech zone which is 15 times larger than the present one supplying good base for three big strategies. With the support of 2 square kilometers High-tech zone and Nanchang High-tech zone covering 667 square meters completed in 2004, AUX will make a rapid development.
     Aux, as one of the Top 500 Enterprises in China, 27 key-supported enterprises in Zhejiang province and large-scale groups in Ningbo, according to Municipal and District Government overall plan, centering its development strategy, is making its deliberated practical arrangement. Eying on the corporation objective, market aim, product target and talent goal, AUX makes an all-level program to reach the sales volume of eight billion in near 5 years.
Contact Information
Company Name: Ningbo Aux Import and Export Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Mr. Allan Jing
Address: 566 East Yinzhou Road,Ningbo,Zhejiang,China.
Zip: 315100
Web Site:
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