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Dongguan Lanlian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
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About Us
    Dongguan Lanlian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. established in 2009. We are a leading manufacturer of USB-C Adapters & Cables, HDMI Adapters & Cables, DisplayPort Adapters & Cables etc.
     We have two buildings in Shipai Town Guangdong to provide our customers around the world with OEM / ODM services and more cutting-edge products.
     Our company has been a certified HDMI Adopter and earned ISO 9001 certification of its quality management processes since 2015. With CE, FCC and RoHS compliant, our products have reached millions of users in North America, Europe, etc. With a experienced, exceptionally well-qualified R & D team,
     Lanlian is a well-known manufacturer of adapters in China and we took the lead in launching the USB4 cable in the market.
     We started all kinds of adapters since 2010 and cables 2014. Mainly products included HDMI adapters, USB C adapters, DP adapters, HDMI cables, DVI cables,USB cables, Audio cables, optical cables and etc. With series of advanced equipment and technology, including high-voltage testing equipment and technology. As well as very strictly in house QC, to ensure stable and reliable quality.
     We accumulated abundant experiences in OEM & ODM projects and excellent corporate reputation during the past years.
Contact Information
Company Name: Dongguan Lanlian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Mr. Emma Liang
Address: Room 102, No.189, Shipai Section, Dongyuan Avenue, Shipai Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province,Guangdong,China,China.
Zip: 523000
Web Site:
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