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Ten years, one product, Wen Ruyan
About Us
    In 1982 Yan Xi was born in summer in the capital of China At that time there was no Wen Heng In 1984 when Yan Xi was one and a half years old Wen''s mother teased him "Xiaoxi you will have a brother soon Are you happy" Yan Xi touched Wen''s mother''s stomach carefully with his little hand and said "Sister sister" In 1987 when Yan Xi was six years old he owned a simulated airplane toy At that stainless steel toilet time it was worth 30000 yuan Four-year-old Wen Heng squatted beside a stream in Wushui Town and curiously poked a dying caterpillar with a stick He was pushed to the ground by a group of naughty children clapping their hands and cursing "wild children" In 1989 Yan Xi met Lu Liu at a banquet for the first time Lu Liu asked him what he wanted to do when he grew up He thought about it and said seriously "My grandfather asked me to go far away to marry my bride" One side of Lin Ruomei took a look at Yan Lao picked him up gently touched his little head Xiaoxi is so cute is it good to be aunt''s godson Yan Xi''s face was very red and his eyes were sparkling At that time Ah Heng boiled medicine for his brother for the first time and his little hands were covered with blisters

In 1997 when Yan Xi was climbing out of the fire with tears in his eyes he suddenly remembered the bride he had forgotten in the long years If there was such a person waiting for him how good it would be At that time Ah Heng got the first place in the Mathematical Olympiad However looking at the braised pork in brown sauce in his brother''s bowl he would still salivate If he could have meat for three meals a day how good it would be In 1998 when Yan Xi was learning to play the violin Wen Siguan laughed at him downstairs He splashed a basin of water stainless steel squatting pan and vaguely seemed to see a vague figure beside him At that time Ah Heng met Yan Xi for the first time In 1999 Yan Xi took Wen Heng back to Wushui the place where he had made a small promise to marry his bride a long time ago His little bride was beside him eating white sugar cake cleverly For the first time he looked at her with a warm smile on his lips Wen Heng and Yan Xi became familiar with each other Grandpa arranged her beside him and left the country at ease And for the first time she felt at home Always someone was there for her

Always In 2000 Yan Xi went to Vienna Lin Ruomei asked if he cared about Wen Heng very much He said "Wen Heng is nothing" However she took out a photo album and said "So it''s nothing for me to send these to Wen Heng right" Ah Heng waited at home for a long time but waited for the crazy Yan Xi holding the door number in his hand In 2001 Yan Xi worked hard for a long time defeated Pinocchio and saw his Ah Heng again For the first time when he saw her his heart beat half a beat faster than usual Bang Bang''s voice C tune up a tune down neither fish nor fowl Wen Heng caught a cold thinking that he had hallucinations Wen Heng how much do you love him In the summer of 2001 Lu Liu appeared and wanted to take him to the United States for a thorough physical examination He thought by the way he would like to say to Grandpa choose an auspicious day and marry Ah Heng When the news of Uncle Wen''s death came he flew back to China and hid in the corner Ah Heng grabbed the coffin of someone else''s father and his hands were covered with blood He followed her Time Delay Tap but she didn''t turn around and saw his embrace At that time Ah Heng met Gu Feibai for the first time In 2003 he did DJ YAN for a long time and every time he would say I am Yan Xi Yan Xi''s words Yan Xi''s words please Don''t forget; she was stuck in the elevator crying and saying "Yan Xi I miss you"

In the summer of 2003 Yan Xi''s ears became more and more useless He thought that he could hardly hear Ah Heng''s voice so he quit his job at the radio station and stayed with her He said to her what do you want What else do you want Tell me That year Wen Heng said I like you Yan Xi In 2004 Yan Xi''s ears were too weak to hear Ah Heng''s call She loved to call Yan Xi in a soft and glutinous voice
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Company Name: Ten years, one product, Wen Ruyan
Contact Person: Mr. Sanchez Mike
Address: fengxian,fengxian,fengxian,Chad.
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