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The floating world
About Us
    "There should be a little bit of this feeling but I think in fact the weak water three thousand dare not be cruel to the beauty" "After all a man no special reason who can lay a heavy hand on a beautiful woman" This is not very difficult to understand people after all pay attention to that layer of skin In this way a bunch of NPCs took me as the center surrounded me not worried that I would hear the same thing and said loudly about my evaluation But from the beginning to the end I couldn''t even get a word in and I couldn''t get a word out Later plastic pallet manufacturer I could only squat down depressed biting my fingers and waiting for everyone to "calm down" Chapter 202 one person one piece of paper Chapter 202 one person one piece of paper Apart from Han who was as motionless as a wooden stake the other eight NPCs whether they knew saw or understood me or not surrounded me like precious creatures in a zoo pointing fingers and talking Talk about my career talk about my character talk about what earth-shaking events I have done and so on

If I were a member of the gallery in a different role I think I would be happy to talk about these topics Unfortunately I am the protagonist and I can''t even be happy Squatting on the ground and listening to them I could tell from their conversation that some of them were really the winners who had made a lot of money because of my super performance when I was unfortunately reduced to the task of "Enigma" Depend on must look for an opportunity hard to beat these guys a hard one I can not be used as a gun in vain However before I am strong enough to challenge Joan head-on it is better for me to stay in my mind for a while at least I will not worry about my life Chaotic image squatting like a roadside hoodlum just short of cigarettes in my right hand and beer cans in my left hand I was bored in a daze automatically ignoring the eyes with different meanings around me

It is mixed with curiosity doubt interest disbelief disdain war and two threads The intention to kill Anyway there are all kinds of feelings I really admire them Only nine people "launch" so many thoughts some of which are contradictory I really don''t know what they are thinking Being in the center of these thoughts is not the worst thing What is more unfortunate is that I am the "receiving place" of all the deep thoughts In order to alleviate the discomfort caused by various emotions I must find something to do Since they are all talking about me I will study them one by one Tong and I have a good relationship although we have not been together for a long time but sometimes the other side can understand what they think with a look or action I really don''t know how to explain this unnatural tacit understanding but I can feel that she is one of the few people here who is not hostile to me and some places defend me everywhere plastic pallet bin Joan No Except for one fight with him He''s a mystery to me At the very least I don''t know why he gave me the silent words I don''t know what he''s up to Do you want me to use silence to fight with him openly
Contact Information
Company Name: The floating world
Contact Person: Mr. Clements Leon
Address: Chaohu,Chaohu,Chaohu,China.
Web Site:
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