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Dark sugar is hard to guard against
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    Kaikai nodded "I will" Hearing his firm answer Tang Xien caught something sensitively He took his eldest son''s hand and said excitedly "Do you have a girl you like" 677 Years Flowing Like Water (7) 677 Xuan''er and Chen''er smelled the gossip and rushed over to watch Kaikai who was planning to reveal some clues to his sweetheart to make his parents happy was silent again when he saw his sister coming Tang Xien and Fu Shiyu looked at each other and knew it in their hearts She slightly restrained her emotions patted Kaikai on the shoulder empty cosmetic tubes and said with a smile "Call me when you miss Mom and Dad do you know" The three children said with one voice "I know Mom and Dad!" Fu Shiyu smiled at the children for the last time holding the suitcase in one hand and Tang Xien in the other and entered the security check

It was not until the train had left and the luggage had been arranged that they sat down by the window of the first-class cabin and made tea with the accompanying tea set Fu Shiyu said thoughtfully "Just now you asked Kaikai if he had a girl he liked When he saw Chen''er and Xuan''er coming he suddenly stopped talking" Tang Xien said thoughtfully "Well" holding the warm scented tea brewed by her husband in her hand and looking out of the window at the buildings speeding past She said lightly "I wonder if Kaikai likes Xuaner''s junior high school classmate the girl who used to come to our house to play Her name seems to be Qin Beibei isn''t it" Fu Shiyu recalled for a moment "I have a little impression that I came to our house last week to look for Xuan''er" Why do you think it''s her "Or maybe I was wrong" Tang Xien smiled and shook his head "That girl seems to be a jewelry designer She''s a very fashionable girl She doesn''t look like the type that Kaikai would like"

What type do you think Kaikai likes Did he talk to you about this "That''s not true" Tang Xien propped up his chin "I think Kaikai would like that kind of academic girl" Fu Shiyu laughed after hearing this After taking a sip of tea he said "According to your logic how could we fall in love in those days" Their personalities are quite different and their professional fields do not overlap at all Tang Xien blushed and kicked her husband under the table "We complement each other!" Fu Shiyu covered his chest with one hand and said "Well you have filled up the empty space in my heart From now on you are the only one here" Tang Xien''s face burned shy his hands around his chest his lips pursed at the scenery outside the window ignoring him Fu Shiyu said love words to her for more than thirty years The older she was the more she loved to say them The more she listened the more shy she became The train sped out of the city in the direction of Mongolia As far as the eye can see it is green Tang Xien watched in a trance completely unaware that Fu Shiyu had come around the opposite side of the table sat down next to her and gently pressed her head onto his shoulder She put her arms around his waist He held half of her body in his arms with one hand held her hands tightly in his lap with the other hand looked down for her lips and kissed her gently as he had kissed her for the first time in the North Sea with respect and care Outside the window there are blue sky white clouds and wild flowers on the Mongolian grassland which are as beautiful as a picture cosmetic plastic tube Three years later

The exit hall of the airport is full of people The three brothers and sisters craned their heads and looked inside eager to see their parents whom they hadn''t seen for three years "Wow" Xuaner suddenly sighed Chen looked at her "What are you doing" Xuaner pointed to the front and said in surprise "Mom is so beautiful!" Kaikai and Chen looked in the direction of her finger Mother dressed in a flowing Indian dress snuggled in her father''s arms Father carries a backpack on his shoulder holds his mother in one hand and pulls the suitcase in the other The two men came out talking and laughing Chen said "isn''t mom cold" It''s only two or three degrees outside Xuaner said "The plane and the airport have heating where will it be cold" Beauty is the most important thing Chen looked at her sister contemptuously "Don''t you know that hypothermia can easily cause cardiovascular disease" Xuaner also gave him a white look "Mother is healthy and there is no such problem!" While the two brothers and sisters were bickering over there Fu Shiyu and his wife were already out of the gate

     Kaikai hugged his parents took the suitcase from his father''s hand and said with a smile "Welcome back to China!"! Won''t you go this time Smiling Tang Xien patted his eldest son on the arm and said "I''m not going!"! Play a trip this life without regret! With that he opened his arms to a pair of twins Chen''er and Xuan''er swooped into their mother''s arms Holding a pair of twins in his arms Tang Xien rubbed his hands on the heads of the two children His eyes were red He asked in a gentle voice "Have you been good during the three years when my father and I have been away" Chen son is busy say "Except did not find a partner other very good!" This year Kaikai was thirty-two years old and Chen''er Xuaner was pump tube twenty-eight years old Fu Shiyu looked at his eldest son "Haven''t you landed yet" Kaikai shook his head Tang Xien had been psychologically prepared and did not feel much surprise at the moment He smiled clearly patted his eldest son on the arm and laughed "Then your father and I can be happy for a while" Chen said "Mom if you really want to take care of your grandson I can play with you alone" Fu Shiyu was so angry that he wanted to beat his second son

The family happily walked to the basement of the parking lot When getting off the elevator Xuaner asked "Mom you wear so little Aren''t you afraid of the cold" Tang Xien is busy explain "Won''t we get on a plane from India very hot" Chen smiled "Then you can change your clothes on the plane" Tang Xien stopped talking Fu Shiyu looked down at his wife in his arms and said lightly "Love is beautiful!"! On the plane I asked her to change her clothes She was in a hurry with me for a long time The older she was the more stubborn she was! With that he spoiled his wife''s still high nose Three children with one voice "You are not to spoil!" " Tang Xien and Fu Shiyu spent more than 1200 days and nights traveling around the world They rushed back to China on Christmas Eve because Xuaner was going back to China for Christmas The family of five went back to Fengshan Tang Xien took a bath and began to distribute gifts to the three children The family went back to their rooms to sleep until late at night When Fu Shiyu came out of the bath Tang Xien was still sorting out the gifts in the cloakroom She brought gifts for everyone and each gift was carefully selected emptycosmetictubes.com
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