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Hebei Jiaqiang Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd
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  Construction Pro...
About Us
    We have focused on the research of modular building since 2011 and founded Jiaqiang in 2016. We have invested over $600,000 of our own money into R&D center to keep our paces on the path of pursuing quality. Our design working is protected by 28 patent filings and growing. We think Jiaqiang container room module system will be applicative to build most building types on most of the planet. Think Legos that stack and connect to build apartments, offices, booths, camps, and more. Jiaqiang has made a huge social impact in China, and is potential to improve the quality of life for more people at home and abroad.
Contact Information
Company Name: Hebei Jiaqiang Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd
Contact Person: Mr. Jiaqiang Energy
Address: South of Xingzu Road, Industrial New Area, Wen an County,Langfang,Hebei,China.
Zip: 065800
Web Site:
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