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Prostar International Electric Co., Ltd.
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About Us
       Professionally organized and managed, especially aimed at international market for more than ten years, Prostar International Electric Co. Ltd (PEC) spares no efforts to make good quality electrical products and offer satisfied services for overseas consumers always. We did not miss any good chances to make progress in the past and would still catch hold of opportunities brought by China''s entry of World Trade Organization and opening-up policies to upgrade our capabilities to supply world with more competitive electrical products.
       We pin our fate upon electrical items, vow to make miracle in manufacturing all kinds of electrical goods:
       Power source type product, like Stabilizer, Voltage regulator, UPS, Battery, Power Inverter, Switching Power Supply, Car-carried Powers, Charger, and so on, is our backbone to supply overseas people good quality power resource, and let them have normal living and working conditions at any time;
       All kinds of low voltage electrical items, like MCB, MCCB, ELCB, AC/DC Contactor, Relays and Temperature Controller, and all sorts of Switches, Meters, stand strongly to offer other countries more reasons to have a safe, comfortable and convenient living existence;
       Energy-saving lamp is also one of our main business majorities. By providing high quality of all sorts of energy-saving lamps, we leave world people more light and less power consumption. Spot Light and Search Light let people outside home, tourists and explorers have good enough crutch to enjoy a happy way;
       Car-related products, like Jump Starter, Portable Power Supply and Air-compressor, Pressure Washer, Mini-inverter, Ice-box, and so on, serve drivers well and offer their family reasons to feel as comfortable as in house;
       We also produce and supply some big body machines, like Gas-, Diesel-Generator, Motor Soft Starter, Electric Welding Machine, and Frequency Inverter, Solar Machines, and so on;
       Terminal connector, Warning Lighting Series, Warning Bell, Buzzer, Cable connector, Nylon Cable Tie, Flat Nail Clips, Tester-pen, Ballast, so many and many small electric accessories, also occupy big space in our business scope.
       In one word, if you want to talk about business related to electrical items, we have confidence to be your good partner to cooperate.
       We know well what should be done in this fierce competitive world. We understand what the overseas people need the most. We would try our best at any time to get advantages in hold.
       Contact us today for your needs on, at Prostar game of professionalism is number one and language barrier is broken. We are your gateway to quality products, your link to a brighter future.
       Our websites:
       1. www.prostarele.com
       2. www.chinastabilizer.com
       3. www.china-stabilizer.com
       4. www.chinainverter.com
       Emails: renjingzhu@263.net; prostar@prostarele.com .
       Tel: 0086-10-82573995-601~608
       Fax: 0086-10-82573994 / 68241546
       Address: 4#--701, Wanliu Yangchunguanghua, P.O.BOX 8956, Haidian District, Beijing, China (100089)
Contact Information
Company Name: Prostar International Electric Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Mr. Jinzhu Ren
Address: Room 8B,2# Block A, Golden Resource Business Center, Haidian District,Beijing,Beijing,China.
Zip: 100089
Web Site:
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