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Zhejiang Lianxiang Hardware Science and Technology Co.,Ltd
  Commercial Servi...
  Commercial Servi...
About Us
    Zhejiang Lianxiang Hardware Science and Technology Co.,Ltd has been built for more than 20 years. We have been devoting ourselves in the products of construction, electricity, new energy, petrochemical, mechanical engineering and other industries. We are leading the global world gradually.Meeting our customers'' requirements and making them satisfied is our goal, which is realized by pipe hangers our factory’s specialization.
     We get various information from different industries, flat fittings and then develop different kinds of brackets and pipe support products.
     Our patent products are combined with domestic project design, they can meet the world s latest requirements.Our new support and hanging systems represent innovation and time-saving. We can provide you the best example of construction while you are pursuing for all regulations and certifications.
Contact Information
Company Name: Zhejiang Lianxiang Hardware Science and Technology Co.,Ltd
Contact Person: Mr. struchannele struchannele
Address: zhejiang,zhejiang,zhejiang,Chad.
Zip: 314300
Web Site:
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