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Shandong Huayi Food Co., Ltd.
  Meat & Poultry...
  Meat & Poultry...
About Us
    Dezhou Braised Chicken Group Co., Ltd., a member of State Famous Brand Protection Organization; one of hundred best economic enterprises in Shandong commercial system and an enterprise in national agricultural industrialization, was established in 1998 with a registered capital of USD 4 million. We are a famous manufacturer of braised chicken and crispy chips of fruit and vegetable.
     We are a provincial class group that consists of Shandong Huayi Food Company, Huayi idled-foodstuff factory, Dezhou Braised Chicken Delicious City, Dezhou Braised Chicken Seafood City, Dezhou Shengda Health Products Co., Ltd. and Dezhou Haishan Medicine Co., Ltd. In the Group there are 1008 stuff and workers including 385 technicians, dealing with livestock raising, braised chicken, meat goods, crispy chips of fruit and vegetable, retailing trade and beverage services.
     Our main products are Huayi Brand braised chicken and serial green food, Huayi Brand crispy chips of fruit and vegetable. Dezhou Braised Chicken Group now operates 2 modern production lines with more 500 employees to output 4000 tons braised chicken and 1000 tons crispy chips of fruits vegetables annually. To improve our output capacity, we have invested over USD 15 million to build two new factory workshops for export braised chicken and chips of fruit and vegetable.
     In 2003, we were authorized to be a registered factory for export braised chicken issued by CNCA. In 2005, we were authorized to be a registered factory for export chips of fruit and vegetable issued by CNCA. Over the years, we have gained a solid market share in Mainland China and gradually expanded into the international market in 2004. By expanding our production facilities we will be able to do better to meet increased market and customer demands.
     We enjoy an upstanding reputation among our domestic and overseas clients, even most Chinese known our products for its long history and delicious flavor. We are constantly looking for opportunities to build new business relationships with companies from around the world. If you are interested in any of our products, we will do our best to supply you with high quality items and superior service at highly competitive prices.
Contact Information
Company Name: Shandong Huayi Food Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Mr. Jerry Zhang
Address: 30 South Tiexi Street, Decheng District,Dezhou,Shandong,China.
Zip: 253003
Web Site:
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