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Zhejiang Mingzhu Crafts Co., Ltd.
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  Auto Accessories...
  Bamboo & Wooden ...
  Pottery & Enamel...
  Umbrella & Rainc...
About Us
    Founded in 1988, Zhejiang Mingzhu Crafts Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer offering several types of bamboo and wooden products. Using our experience and proximity to some of China''s largest bamboo producing areas, we have become a major producer in our field with over USD10,000,000 in annual sales.
     Our main products include:
     1) Bamboo products such as bamboo door curtains, bamboo window curtains and bamboo place mats.
     2) Wooden products including wooden door curtains, wooden place mats and wooden beads.
     3) Plastic products such as PVC door curtains, plastic door curtains, plastic green fences and wind chimes.
     4) Automobile decoration including automobile covers, automobile mats and automobile back support.
     5) Pet products such as dog chews, pet chains and leashes, pet toys, wooden and cotton kennels, bird and mouse cages, grooming gloves, brushes and combs and plastic and stainless steel bowls.
     Because of our dedication to high quality and competitive prices, our products enjoy strong sales throughout the international market. We have established lasting relationships with customers from 100 countries, in areas such as Europe, North American, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa.
     We welcome overseas clients to come and visit our company and showroom. Please contact us with your inquiries or specifications. We will promptly reply and work to develop a fruitful business relationship.
Contact Information
Company Name: Zhejiang Mingzhu Crafts Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Mr. Shihu Xu
Address: Tantou Industrial Zone,Tiantai,Zhejiang,China.
Zip: 317206
Web Site:
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