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Shenzhen Jintongli Electron Co., Ltd.
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About Us
    Shenzhen jintongli electronics Ltd grew out of shenzhen xintongli miniature electrical machinery plant, which was founded in 2000. In 2003, shenzhen jintongli Ltd was established because of the large scale in production. It is now a professional company that combines design, development and manufacture of miniature electrical machinery, such as the direct current electric motor, alternating current generator and so on. Depending on high quality, we find good sale for our goods all over the country; the hand generators series are sold to the USA, Southeast Asia, and the alliance of European countries. Besides, the hardware components of communication designed by our precision machining department have been largely used by lots of companies (like shenzhen feitong photoelectric Ltd etc)
     brushes the generator, widely applied in electric appliance the and so on flashlight, handset, radio, notebook computer, digital camera hand operated charge. Dual purpose handset hand operated battery charger has obtained the national monopoly. Patent number: ZL022333738. This factory production miniature direct current machine mainly is suitable for the electrically operated toy, the small domestic electric appliances, the photographic camera, the travel wind tunnel, the electricity must dig, the electrically operated toothbrush, the model, the mixer, presses out the juice machine, the child electric car, the massager (chair, pad) and so on the product. The company has the very strong design development ability, can carry on the product development according to the customer different request, designs the electrical machinery performance fine, the structure reasonable, the contour artistic, safe is reliable.
     The company has established the quality control system which the one whole set consummates, the comprehensive implementation practical innovation, strives for perfection, to use quality to compete, the customer satisfies the quality policy, to designs, process and so on purchase, production, examination and service carries on the strict control. The company set up a professional ability to be high, sense of responsibility, the high quality examination troop, guaranteed the product the quality.
     The company time is paying attention to the customer, take customer''s benefit as already no matter what, closely revolves the company quality goal, adopts method and so on training, study, introduction, improves the team quality; Through the strengthening internal management, strengthens form and so on process monitoring, the promotion product quality.
Contact Information
Company Name: Shenzhen Jintongli Electron Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Mr. Zhisong Zhang
Address: 3/F, Building 4, Taichang Industrial Park, 206 Jihua Road, Buji Town, Longgang Dist,Shenzhen,Guangdong,China.
Zip: 518112
Web Site:
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