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Hangzhou Fortune Electronic Printing Co., Ltd.
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About Us
    In 2005, Fortune has turned into FAP(Fortune Art Print). This
     indicates the significant sublimation from Pure Printing to Artistic
     ˇˇˇˇNowadays, the principle of ˇ°One Center, Two Basic Pointsˇ±
     is the main management model for FAP. The Department of Pre-printing
     and Center of Marketing are high-efficiently operating the Printing
     Bases concerning with Books & Magazines and Commerce through 100M
     Optic-Fibers. At the same time, the superior quality is guaranteed
     by Digitalized Technical Process and ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning)
     Management System. Special Characteristics for Special Customers.
     ˇˇˇˇFAP has grown into one of the first-class printing enterprises,
     providing all kinds of high-quality services for costumers. On the
     one hand, FAP owns the complete technical process from the Design of
     Binding & Layout to Final Product; on the other hand, FAP is capable
     of producing any kind of high-quality printings. In addition, FAP is
     fully possessed with mature and priceless experiences to co-operate
     with Large-scale Publishing Presses, famous Enterprise Groups and
     influential Advertising Companies.See what you think, Get what you
     ˇˇˇˇFAP is striving to take a firm foot in the international printing
     enterprises. Since the completion of complcated workshop suites and
     full implementation of brand-new Trademark, FAP has taken off in the
     respects of international strategies, digital technology and information management. The Founder and Board Director of FAP* Fortune Luo Jianping
     is quoted as saying confidently: ˇ°For FAP, Everything is at the
Contact Information
Company Name: Hangzhou Fortune Electronic Printing Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Mr. Jianping Luo
Address: B-22E, Yi-jing Garden, Yong Gang Bei Lu,Ningbo,Zhejiang,China.
Zip: 315040
Web Site:
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