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Ningbo Hongji Locks Industrial Co., Ltd
About Us
     Ningbo Hongji Locks Industrial Co., Ltd. is located at the south bank
     China Cheap Cylinder For Door Locks factoryof Hangzhou Bay, in Cixi ?the eastern part of the beautiful and fertile Ningshao Plain, close to National Highway 329, adjacent to Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway, connecting Ningbo, Hangzhou and Shanghai, enjoying an excellent geographical location.
     Founded in 1986, the company has a factory with an area of 10,000-plus square meters and a staff of over 300. As a professional lock manufacturer, the company boasts advanced copper rod and copper material production lines, the production and assembly abilities of
     China Stainless Steel Hitch Pin Locks Manufacturerslock bodies, keys, pin tumblers, and lock cylinders, 300-odd sets of special equipment, an annual production capacity of 5million, over 20 years of production experience, and excellent service.
Contact Information
Company Name: Ningbo Hongji Locks Industrial Co., Ltd
Contact Person: Mr. keylodghjer keylodghjer
Address: Zhangqi Town Cixi,Cixi,Zhejiang,China.
Web Site:
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